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30 June 2007 @ 11:32 pm
[111]: (01/??)  

Title: 111
Author: Kaede Hikari
Pairing: Subaru/?
Rating: PG for this chapter
Genre: AU
Summary: A certain path had been leading Subaru’s life until now. He was able to ignore it but things are about to change against his own will.
a/n: Ah! Finally I'm posting the first chapter ^O^ sorry for the delay and thanks a lot for the comments guys!

“What’s up Hana-chan?”

“He… he’s staring and scaring me” the little girl hid behind his mother.
Both Hana’s and Subaru’s mother turned to him

“Something is wrong?”

He couldn’t talk

“We should be going already” she said after some minutes. They turned away after saying their goodbyes.

“But you shouldn’t…” he mumbled in low voice. No one heard him, no one, even his mother.

Subaru couldn’t talk but he needed to.

When the week passed by without further incidents, Subaru thought that he would never see Ohkura again. Okay, maybe just until they bumped into each other somewhere around the university. But Subaru has never been a lucky boy, or that’s what he seemed to think. Next Monday, just when he decided that maybe he should eat like every other person does (because eating at 3 a.m. was clearly not the best of the ideas) he encountered the tall boy when he stepped out the cafeteria, pudding in hand.

“Oi Subaru!!”

He groaned a ‘what about formalities?’ and went to the backyard as always. He’d been sitting in the exact same spot for four years. In the meanwhile “that Ohkura kid” was rambling about classes, teachers and many other things at once. Subaru wasn’t grumpy but that guy was a first year, and as the rest if his ‘year-mates’ all he talked about was videogames and girls with big breasts. He glared at Ohkura who immediately stopped talking.

“I don’t think you really feel the urge to work in your senpai-kohai relationships, do you?” Subaru asked, sarcastic.

“It’s not like you’re an average senpai”

He was about to hit Ohkura in his head when he thought that indeed the boy was right after all so instead, he actually started to pay attention to what he was saying.

Over the next few weeks Subaru learnt some things about Ohkura. What amazed him the most was the fact that he could rant about total nonsense for 10 minutes and keep spacing out for hours, and that happened every single time they talked. They didn’t see each other that much though because the young boy was actually more conscious about his lessons than Subaru was and because he was still a bit reluctant about letting people to get too close to him. He hadn’t built a perfect shield for nothing, but maybe; just maybe, it wasn’t as perfect as he thought.

“…and my mother was like ‘but yotsumi is better!’ And dad was like ‘not at all, negima is tastier’ but then….. ne, Subaru!!! Are you listening?”

“Yeah yeah, you’ve been talking about yakitori non stop for how much? Twenty minutes? I’ve managed to catch a glimpse of everything but seriously, how come you and your family have an argument about kinds of yakitori anyway?”

Ohkura hesitated and looked troubled for a second. In some way they were pretty much the same. Any of them talked much about themselves, never. Subaru didn’t mind at all, it was fine this way; although the guy indeed loved girls with big breasts, as he had repeated all over again during his rants, he loved food way more and that was crystal clear in moments like these. When he once asked why Ohkura always ate at campus (because really, food a campus wasn’t the greatest thing) he smirked and answered he would made it up for dinner. He somehow didn’t want to know what that smirk had meant.

“Oh is nothing. My dad kind of… owns a small restaurant.”

“Ahh…” Subaru took another drag on his cigarette. The guy is really bad at lying he thought. Just then he added up two and two.

“Liar! Ohkura! Ohkura restaurant! You own like... more than 50 restaurants? 60? 70? You’re a rich boy!” Subaru pointed the other boy with his finger.

“Mahhh that wasn’t quite necessary…” Ohkura pouted and Subaru laughed, still a bit in awe though.

There was a big silence after that. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all. They enjoyed it and became a common thing in no time. When Ohkura appeared almost everywhere; he had thought the boy would be one of those who could talk for hours. Thanks God his presumption had been wrong. He almost thought there would be moments when he could talk even more than him.

Ohkura’s phone rang pushing both of them out of his thoughts. Checking the caller’s ID he leaned back on the grass and closed his eyes before answering the call.

“Were you missing me?” Subaru chuckled. Lovebirds? “Hey! Who are you calling idiot?” or maybe not.

“You can pick it up tonight when you bring my dinner”

Subaru listened the complain over the phone. A boy? Why would a boy have to bring food to Ohkura?

“Hai hai, chuu~~” he hung up the phone and laughed. “Ne, Subaru, have you ever liked a guy?”

“Whaaat? Are you going to flirt with me?” he said in a mocky tone.

“Yeah, whatever.” he giggled “Don’t do it anytime soon. They’re so damn stubborn.”

Subaru decided it was better not to ask.

Some hours later, lessons ended and he headed to his small apartment. Getting out of his building he checked his phone and realized he had an e-mail from Shingo.

From: Shingo
To: Subaru
Subject: Toc,toc?

Ne Subaru!! Are you alive?
Haven’t heard anything from you since you went to Tokyo again!
Life at Osaka is still Osaka-ish.
What about you?
Don’t be lazy and answer back!

He sat in the bus stop thinking that indeed Shingo was such a mother sometimes and knew him too well for his own good. He put his cell phone in his pocket again, but after some minutes waiting for the bus to come he decided to reply.

From: Subaru
To: Shingo
Subject: Very funny, ha ha…

Of course I’m alive!
Who do you think I am?
I got free day at work but have to hand over an essay tomorrow
( ̄へ ̄)
Tokyo is still very Tokyo-ish.
I miss Taeko’s food!
You should come over someday.

Then, he realized he hadn’t taken a picture that day. You could say it was his habit, is not that he loved photography but he got used to taking a pic every day. It became a must. The only thing he had at his sight was one of the buildings in the campus that, if he wasn’t wrong, it was part of Arts too. He would never remember all of the buildings anyway, he gave up years ago; but that certain one was fairly colourful compared to his own one.

He took a picture of the front door, it was that or nothing. When he looked at the screen he saw someone got caught in the photo. It was a short guy carrying a Din A-3 folder. There wasn’t any sign of him after that, the boy must be quite fast he thought.

The bus finally arrived.

“Your dinner, again. Can we please discuss the fact that I have to cross the whole district to get here when you have 2 restaurants closer to you?”

“No Ryo, we can’t. We’ve done that already” Ohkura was hungry by just smelling the food. He dragged the guy inside his flat and closed the door.

“We haven’t!! You just don’t say anything at all! … And why the hell are you closing the door Tadayoshi?!” Ryo was clearly flustered; he wondered how that guy was able to get him out of his nerves that much. But maybe, the whole traffic outside had helped a bit too.

“Okay okay” he let out a sigh “I just like the chef. He’s really good. No wonder my… ehh that Ohkura man has so many restaurants right?”

“If he’s that good I’m sure all the other chefs are good too.” said Ryo sceptically.

“EHH! No way. This one is better! The best!”

“I’m just going to pretend that I believe your lame excuse. But why is me the one who always have to come here?”

“I don’t know Ryo. That’s up to your boss.” He smiled.

He thought the other was being impossibly obvious. Ryo definitely wasn’t going to believe him, and he was right. The short guy stared; then, he blinked a couple of times and kept staring. Ohkura stared back, he was definitely enjoying it; flustered Ryo had a slight blush on his cheeks and so he did what any person would do. He pinched them. Ryo’s eyes widened and he groaned in frustration.

“I’m going home” he even didn’t let the other say anything. But Ohkura had been paying attention and knew he wasn’t actually angry.

Ryo closed the door behind him: what’s up with you Ryo!? No, he wasn’t going to admit he maybe liked the situation a bit. He walked away and the last thing he heard was Tadayoshi’s giggles inside the flat.

It had been a tiring day, nothing much changed in Subaru’s life except in midterm’s time. Sure, he liked to skip classes but he knew exams were crucial. Hopefully, they would be over soon. He was sliding his tabs notebook into his bag when his teacher approached him.

“Subaru-kun! Are you done for today?”

“Hai. I’m going home.”

“Oh, could you do me a favour before you go?”

“Yes, what is it?” he carried the bag on to his back.

“I have to hand this” and he pointed to a brown envelope “to Mizushima-sensei. But I still have a meeting to attend to. She’s at class number 27, the building in front of this one. I need you to give it to her.”

“Sure. I’ll go to give it to her then.” Subaru bowed.

He got the envelope and said his goodbyes. His teacher flashed a smile. Heading to the stairs he wondered if his teacher could actually be sad. He wished he could be so carefree too.

Just a bit later he stepped in the class he had been told. It turned to be a big space filled with sewing machines; it was almost a bit claustrophobic. Mizushima-sensei was so comfortable with it, and he guessed the students too, but they weren’t there at that time.

The class was located at the end of the corridor so he had to walk it entirely again. It was the first time he saw the inside of the colourful building. It surprised him that, even if it was part of one of the biggest campus in the country, it looked like a high school. He kept watching the walls filled with ads and posters. There were few rows of lockers too but it wasn’t anything interesting at all and so he kept walking.

However, almost near the stairs in one of the last lockers he saw it again: #111. Something inside him made Subaru look out of the window; it wasn’t a sunny day, neither a rainy one. It was one of those boring days which ended with a “nothing important happened today”. He heard foot steps somewhere and he hurried himself.

When Yasuda Shota went to open his locker he saw a small yellow post-it with the world Rain scribbled on it. Looking around, confused, he only managed to see the back of a short black haired guy walking away around a corner.

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アセちゃんnira_chan on June 30th, 2007 11:12 pm (UTC)
First again? X3 Me likes this chapter ^o^ Well me likes all the chapters even the ones you haven't written yet because me knows... xD

I want to read more :DDDDD Chu~~
Kaekaede_hikari on June 30th, 2007 11:18 pm (UTC)
I spoilt you too much xDDD and yeah you pretty much know the whole story xD

Yay!! I'll write soon xD promise! chuuu